Monday, November 2, 2009

Crazy Wakeboarder

We had a great time at the Saskatchewan Communications Expo Tradeshow last week, introducing Augmented Reality to a number of curious onlookers and media professionals who had not come across this exciting tool before. People really got a kick out of our "Crazy Wakeboarder" which is a fun diversion, but it's also a fairly unique example of what you can do with a little creativity: unlike most AR projects, where the 3D images are generated "above" the marker, in this case everything is "behind" the marker, so it's like you're looking through a window into another world. If you twist the marker you can look up into the sky, or look down at the frothing water, or look left and right to see the skyline of Waskesiu Lake, which is one of the popular vacation sites located right here in our home province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Here's a video demonstrating our 3D animated "Crazy Wakeboarder" doing his tricks out on the water.

A direct link to the above video is at

If you'd like to try it out yourself, here's the link:

By the way, there'll be audio geeks out there who recognize the Wilhelm Scream is the sound our wakeboarder makes when he wipes out. If you're not familiar with this "sound designer's inside joke" check out the wikipedia article on the subject here.

Best augmented wishes to you all,

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