Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Big Is the TV?

Our newest project "How Big Is the TV?" allows you to try out TVs of different sizes in your own home. We've selected a number of flat screen TVs for users to test and we plan to expand the selection over time. Be sure to print out the marker and try it out. Once you decide on which TV suits you best, clicking on the "Buy Now" button takes you to a popular page which compares the prices of that particular model from various retailers. And don't forget the "take a picture" button which lets you share the picture of the TV you're interested in with others on facebook, or you can save the picture to your computer.

Here's our demo video:

This project is a more practical follow up to our two other projects "How Big Is The Baby?" and "How Big Is A Planet?", we hope you take a look at these other projects and spread the word.

We have been playing with the ideas of scale in augmented reality for some time now, keep an eye out for more projects like this to come.

And as always, if you think we could be of service to you and your company, please contact us at "ar [at] talkingdogstudios [dot] com". And please go to if you're thinking of shopping for a new TV!

Augmentedly yours,

The Talking Dog Team

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