Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ScavengAR Hunt Insights

Hey there ScavengARs!

Let's talk a bit about game mechanics. As you probably already know, whenever you open up the ScavengAR Hunt application on your IPhone or Android phone 3D objects are randomly scattered around you. For the most part, it's as simple as collecting objects to gain points. However, things aren't as simple as they may seem, friends. There are some hidden twists and turns in our game, built especially to keep you on your toes. Some objects will only be able to be collected if you have other objects. And in some cases, if you haven't collected objects in the right order, you could lose other objects in your collection and their associated points! Tricky, huh? And the cheeky rascals that we are here at Talking Dog, we're not going to tell you what those objects are and what you need to collect them either. Where would the fun be in that?

As a bonus for our loyal Regina scavengARs, we have included some fantastic coupons from K Family Kitchen and The Copper Kettle. Not only do you get points for collecting these items, but you can actually redeem them at the businesses for great deals on food. Now doesn't that make up for not telling you about those objects? No? Oh, well...ummm awkward...maybe you'll feel better after you eat some pizza.

Anyway, we're working hard to keep the game interesting and will be developing new objects and more tricks to keep things fun and exciting. So keep checking in with our blog, twitter, or follow us on Facebook! And thanks so much to the people giving us feedback about our AR mobile game, keep those cards and letters coming.

Keep it augmented!

The Talking Dog AR Team

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