Monday, November 15, 2010

Fight Off Pirates in ScavengAR Hunt!

Ahoy ye ScavengARs! There be pirates in our waters!!

To help ward off the scurvy scalliwags and protect your precious booty, the clever cabin boys at Talking Dog have made you a weapon. Now when you play ScavengAR Hunt you can find a Cannon which will be an excellent defense from pirates who are trying to steal your treasure. However, it will be useless to you until you find a Cannon Ball...Luckily enough, we've made one of those too! So victory can be yours!!

And to help increase the size of your booty (hehe), we've also added a Treasure Chest. But be warned mateys, all that glitters is not gold...a treasure can sometimes be a curse! But what will it be for you?

So enjoy collecting the new objects in ScavengARrrrrrrrrrr Hunt!

Happy Pirate Hunting!

The Talking Dog ARrrrrrrrrrr Team

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