Friday, February 4, 2011

Pirate Attack: Talking Dog takes ScavengAR Hunt to the next level

Avast ye land lubbers! There be rotten, no good pirates in these here waters! Arrrrrrr!

The scurvey scallywags here at Talking Dog Studios have stirred up trouble and this time we have engaged the wrath of the feisty pirates from ScavengAR Hunt!

Ok not really, but what we have done is develop a little interactive demo with Unity 3D (a game development environment) using a few pirate themed objects from our ScavengAR Hunt game. We have been curious about Unity for some time and thought now was a great time to get in and try something fun with it. Also, it seemed like a logical next step to take some of the things we made for ScavengAR and put it into more rounded out game scenario.

In our Pirates demo, you try to sink the pirate ship by pointing the cannon and firing at it. You have to hit that ship 10 times in order to sink it and we've provided a limited number of cannon balls to take it out. The demo is nice simple example of gaming 101 just to get our feet wet in this area a bit more. There is still some room for improvement, but if you think this type of game could work into one of your projects please contact us for a quote.

Be sure to check out the demo here -

So put on your eye patch and grab a cup o' grog. It's time to send these bilge rats to Davy Jones' locker!

The Talking Dog ARrrrrrrrrr Team

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