Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Clandestine: Anomaly

Here's a direct link to the above video:

Right now we're hard at work on the sound design and music for a game being created by a team of artists and programmers from across Canada under the leadership of Winnipeg's Zenfri Incorporated. It's called "Clandestine: Anomaly". We just came across the above video Zenfri put out last year that shows some of the Augmented Reality we helped create for advance promo of the game, which has already received some serious recognition: in October 2013, the project's first prototype was presented with the prize for “Best Mobile Augmented Reality Game” at the Metaio International Developer Competition out of Germany.

Speaking of Germany, here's a google-translated screen grab from an interview with Zenfri's co-founder Corey King, this appeared a few months ago in the German newspaper Weser Kurier. You can read more about the article in the Clandestine: Anomaly blog entry about this interview.

Corey King as the "King of Augmented Reality"? Congrats to Corey, those are quite the accolades!

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