Monday, May 11, 2015

360 video from Talking Dog

Recently at Talking Dog we've been trying our hand at making 360 degree videos. Here's one of our first attempts, going for a walk in one of our nicest local parks. Trust us, this is going to be beautiful by a month from now, but in early May the groundskeepers are hard at work prepping the soil and the trees are only just starting to sprout their leaves. Also of interest in this video, you'll see the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, which currently has a large box covering its dome as workers do restoration work.


The above window may show a mostly black screen for a while, if so please give it a minute to load the content. Once it's loaded and playing, you'll be able to scroll around and zoom your view in and out. There's also some options that come up when you click on one of circular icons in the bottom right of the viewing window, if you want to see something really unusual select "Little Planet View". These options also come up if you right click on the viewing window.

Where this gets even more interesting is when you view this on a gyro-enabled mobile device, because then you can view all parts of the video depending upon the angle at which you have your iPhone (or what have you) positioned. And for us, the most promising implications of this become apparent if you view this with Google Cardboard, but to do that you'll have to download the 360Heros app to your iPhone or Android, search for "Saskatchewan" in the app, and then view this video in Google Cardboard mode.  

We also have a longer version you can check out on YouTube. If you view this in the Chrome browser on your desktop, you can rotate your view left, right, up, down, and all around by clicking on the arrows in the top left of the window.
A direct link to the above YouTube movie is at

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