Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to Talking Dog AR

Talking Dog Studios is based in the middle of Canada. Our team have been creating sound and music for television and film since 1989 at our current location in Regina, Saskatchewan, in a huge building that was originally constructed by General Motors to manufacture vehicles way back in 1927. Our most successful project so far has been the hit television series "Corner Gas". Other recent films we've worked on include "Hungry Hills", "Surveillance", and "The Englishman's Boy".

Talking Dog has been looking into "Augmented Reality" (AR) since the beginning of 2009. We are excited to be displaying some of the projects that we have been working on since then.

Our current project can be found at . This site is a fun way for kids or adults to hold up the augmented reality marker in front of their tummies and imagine there's a baby growing inside, and we know this will also be a useful tool for educators wanting to engage their students more as they see themselves holding a developing baby through its nine months of development.

Here are some of the other AR projects we've worked on so far:
Doritos contest
Tenth Dimension 3D Helix
Saskatchewan Tourism

We've also recently been mentioned in the Regina Leader-Post newspaper.

You can also start following us on Twitter.

Are you imagining that Augmented Reality could be a useful tool for promoting your company or project? Are you a web developer wanting to add an augmented reality window to one of your clients' sites? Please email us at .

And have fun augmenting your reality!

Talking Dog Studios
1212A Winnipeg St.
Regina, SK Canada
306 790 4008

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