Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pregnancy Flakes?

We've have had our How Big is the Baby project up for a week or two now, just added a feature yesterday which allows people to post pictures of themselves with the baby directly to their facebook page. Hey, wouldn't this be a great way to announce to your parents that you're expecting? Well, maybe...

We noticed in our website stats that yesterday September 30th, we got mentioned on an Isreal news site called ynet. The article can be found here and you may be curious what it says in english...well... a translation of the site can be found here. Our site was linked to under the heading of "Pregnancy Flakes", we suspect something was lost in translation but we're not sure what. It looks like the site was mentioned because of thanks! We just saw a big jump in the number of visitors to the site, so we guess that means lots of people from Israel are having fun picturing themselves with a developing baby.

We look forward to seeing what types of pictures start surfacing online and hopefully people have some fun with it. We don't actually record or look at the pictures as you take them (because we respect your privacy and say so in our privacy statement), but if you have a picture you think we might get a kick out of, email it to us at .

We've also been building up our twitter followers. The twitterverse is a mysterious place and we hope people following our tweets are picking up a thing or two. Thanks to a few mentions on twitter we've also noticed a flow of people coming to check out our site. Also, we picked up a new "slogan" through the retweeting circles. The phrase "Get pregnant without the morning sickness" seemed to replicate all over the place and we were entertained by the idea.

To finish off here is a recent speech by Bruce Sterling talking about the augmented reality industry.

Video: Bruce Sterling's Keynote - At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry from Maarten Lens-FitzGerald on Vimeo.

Have fun in your augmented world!
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